A recap of the Bob Coney Memorial South Dakota Fall Nationals,Sunday, October 8th


Another great night of racing at Raceway Park, even with the colder temperatures. The track had its original IMCA divisions along with the mini sprints and a Power Puff race. The mini sprints were a little extra something for the end of the season and the Power Puff was some fun for everyone. Every racer in these races did great and were so much fun to watch.

In the Sport Compacts feature, Dillon Richards (24R) received first while Ramsey Meyer (21R) followed behind claiming second place. The final three of the top five were Shawn Hein (5H), Connor Brown (35JR), and Daniel Vanderveen (69V).

In the next division, Hobby Stocks, Andy Hoffman (8X) took first with Gage Koch (96) taking second. The rest of the car field was led by the rest of the top five: Steven Pierce (3P), Ryan Leedom (21L), and Jon Androy (83).

The Sport Mod feature was won by Rusty Montagne (T1). Following behind him was Jake Sachau (14X), Cody Thompson (25), Brian Osantowski (999), and Nicolas Peters (3).

Stockcars, the largest race of the night, was won by Ryan Harris (49). Following behind him was the rest of the 25 car field with the rest of the top five which was Chris Abelson (95X), Todd Gereau (94), Shawn Primerose (1), and Tom McKenzie (95).

Finally, for the Modifieds, the winner was Todd Boulware (14). Not far behind was Ricky Stephan (25), Jason Schneiders (44X), Shane Demey (15M), and Chad TenNaple (20) with the rest of the field behind.

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Results October 8th, 2017


Place Car Driver Points
Sport Compacts
1st 24R Dillon Richards 40
2nd 21R Ramsey Meyer 39
3rd 5H Shawn Hein 38
4th 35JR Conner Brown 37
5th 69V Daniel Vanderveen 36
6th 24M Caine Mahlberg 35
7th 14 Max Bonine 34
8th 44P Jeremy 33
9th 35 Troy Brown 32
10th 1 Don Tank 31
11th 29X Joe Blake 30
12th 15 Tyler Thompson 29
13th 21M Cullen Gossage 28
Hobby Stocks
1st 8X Andy Hoffman 40
2nd 96 Gage Koch 39
3rd 3P Steven Pierce 38
4th 21L Ryan Leedom 37
5th 83 Jon Androy 36
6th 34B Ben Schneiders 35
7th 6S Martin Smith 34
8th 6 Luke Jackson 33
9th 62 Allen Hesse 32
10th 29 David Miller 31
11th 33 Kyle Davis 30
12th 1 Derek Husted 29
13th 7 Tony Fetterman 28
DQ 14 Jim Ross DQ
B 7P Austin Pinney DNS
B 18X Brian Tronson DNS
Sport Mods
1st T1 Rusty Montagne 40
2nd 14X Jake Sachau 39
3rd 25 Cody Thompson 38
4th 999 Osantowski 37
5th 3 Nicolas Peters 36
6th 17 Mary Lenz 35
7th 0K Kyle Welch 34
8th 21B Kirk Beatty 33
9th 12 Aaron Plum 32
10th 47 Darin Roepke 31
11th 3X Jim Blazina 30
DQ OO Dave Kennedy DQ
B 99K Kody Havens DNS
Stock Cars
1st 49 Ryan Harris 40
2nd 95X Chris Abelson 39
3rd 94 Todd Gereau 38
4th 1 Shawn Primrose 37
5th 95 Tom McKenzie 36
6th 30 Travis Barker 35
7th 10X Paul Wenzlaff 34
8th 68Z Zach Ankrum 33
9th 13 Glen Jones 32
10th 15 Dustin Reeh 31
11th 25S Brandon Schoen 30
12th 41 Jason Ward 29
13th 3S Bryan Snell 28
14th O2 Tony Ritterbush 27
15th 11D Tanner Pelster 26
16th 73 Rich Pederson 25
17th 53K Mike Kramer 24
18th 268 Brad Tenhuis 23
19th 84 Josh Ruschmann 22
20th 55JR Greg Taylor 21
21st 5E Mel Elsberry 19
22nd 51 Kevin Bruck 18
23rd 43 Aaron Cain 17
24th O13 Casey Jones  
1st 14 Todd Boulware 40
2nd 25 Ricky Stephan 39
3rd 44X Jason Schneiders 38
4th 15M Shane Demey 37
5th 20 Chad TenNaple 36
6th 88 Sean Barrigan 35
7th 48 Bob Moore 34
8th 86 Greg Johns 33
9th 55 Jimmy Cole 32
10th 17LX Shawn Lakes 31
11th 21 Cole Nordquist 30
12th 14F Jason Fisher 29
13th 96R Steve Reynolds 28
14th 23 Jim Thies 27
15th 8A Bobby Ryan 26
16th OO7 Jeff Schroyer 25
17th 7S Bob Fleshman 24
18th 3T Nate Thompson 23

Results for August 27th, 2017


Place Car Driver Points
Sport Compacts
1st 21R Ramsey Meyer 40
2nd 2B Brooke Fluckiger 39
3rd 6 Luke Jackson 38
4th 69R Dan Vanderveen 37
5th 35JR Conner Brown 36
6th 1 Don Tank 35
7th 4P Jeremy Boulware 34
8th 13B David Bates 33
9th 61A Seth Bodlok 32
10th 27B Brody Spreng 31
11th 14 Max Bonine 30
12th 58T Tanner Uehling 29
13th 12M Phillip McKee 28
Hobby Stocks
1st 5 Lenny Tucker 40
2nd 7 Tony Fetterman 39
3rd 29 David Miller 38
4th O1 Derek Husted 37
5th 3P Steven Pierce 36
6th 5B Matt Spanier 35
7th 34B Ben Schneiders 34
8th 37J Jacob Kueny 33
9th 5 Lenny Tucker 32
10th 83 Jon Androy 31
11th 20W Matt Wahl 30
12th 13M James McCabe 29
13th 62 Allen Hesse 28
14th 21L Ryan Leedom 27
Sport Mods
1st 13K Karl Brewer 40
2nd 25 Cody Thompson 39
3rd 14 Todd Boulware 38
4th T1 Rusty Montagne 37
5th 85je Shawn Pudwill 36
6th 22 Justin Voeltz 35
7th 77 Mike Grass 34
Stock Cars
1st 49 Ryan Harris 38
2nd 94 Todd Gereau 37
3rd 41 Jason Ward 36
4th O13 Casey Jones 35
5th 13 Glen Jones 34
6th 43 Aaron Cain 33
7th 2B Bo Lundquist 32
8th 55JR Greg Taylor 31
1st 56 Zach VanVoorst 40
2nd O2JR Chirs Mills 39
3rd 23 Jim Thies 38
4th 44X Jason Schneiders 37
5th 25 Ricky Stephan 36
6th 48 Bob Moore 35
7th 88 Sean Barrigan 34
8th 13h Travis Hatcher 33
9th 86 Greg Johns 32
10th M80 Jim Mathieson 31

Points as of August 27th, 2017

# Driver Pts.
Sport Compacts
6 Luke Jackson 559
13B David Bates 540
27S Brody Spreng 509
35JR Conner Brown 484
12M Phillip McKee 482
1 Don Tank 458
61A Seth Bodlak 357
69V Daniel Vanderveen 349
21R Ramsey Meyer 317
423 Jake Newsome 291
2F Corey Frye 264
14 Max Bonine 232
15 Tyler Thompson 226
96B Brian Long 190
2B Brooke Fluckiger 116
33 Tracy Raml 96
4P Jeremy Boulware 96
80D Danny Rose 68
58T Tanner Uehling 65
21M Cullen Gossage 61
12X Cameron Meyer 38
44 Mark Dorcey 30
29 Michael Birdsell 30
13M James McCabe 29
Hobby Stocks
7 Tony Fetterman 603
29M David Miller 591
5 Lenny Tucker 537
3P Steven Pierce 528
33 Kyle Davis 486
34B Ben Schneiders 393
58 Aaron Shearn 370
77 Craig Clift 369
01 Derek Husted 368
62 Allen Hesse 364
8X Andy Hoffman 320
13M James McCabe 287
37J Jacob Kueny 279
55M Mike Hanson 270
11M Jake McClure 259
8 Travis Raml 204
21L Ryan Leedom 201
5B Matt Spanier 156
7X Lance Mielke 114
18 Jim Hall 110
90 Lucas Phillips 59
T8 Brandon Nielsen 38
112 Mitch Schultze 32
01B Kevin Bruck 32
2RG Ryan Roschewski 32
83 Jon Androy 31
7JR Josh Lien 30
77W Cody Williams 30
20W Matt Wahl 30
7P Austin Pinney 26
Sport Mods
14 Todd Boulware 591
13K Karl Brewer 554
T1 Rusty Montagne 553
0K Kyle Welch 509
77 Mike Grass 491
99RE Arie Schouten 332
00 Dave Kennedy 314
22 Justin Voeltz 309
21B Kirk Beatty 305
47 Darin Roepke 208
25 Cody Thompson 180
56 Dave Riley 171
2 Keith Sanders 160
11P Austin Price 127
66 Hesston Erickson 124
56X Dave Riley 90
10N Keegan Nordquist 71
25C Josh Bloom 64
11 Austin Price 59
1J Colby Langenberg 39
11X Nelson Vollbrecht 37
40 Shawn Harker 37
7W James Kleinheksel 36
2X Reese Coffee 35
97 David Johnson 34
25T Travis Peterson 34
25XX Joe Feyen 34
15F Logan Fernau 33
85JR Shawn Pudwill 33
25G Gunnar Pike 33
999 Brian Osantowski 32
28 Jeff Girard 31
25X Buddy Ray Jones 26
Stock Cars
41 Jason Ward 600
2B Bo Lundquist 577
55JR Greg Taylor 570
49 Ryan Harris 563
13 Glen Jones 473
25S Brandon Schoen 456
30 Travis Barker 370
43 Aaron Cain 301
49X Jeff Atkins 294
94 Todd Gereau 287
013 Casey Jones 285
68Z Zach Ankrum 242
73 Rich Pederson 199
84 Josh Ruschmann 195
95 Tom McKenzie 110
5E Mel Elsberry 71
02 Tony Ritterbush 70
T17 Brenton Palmer 63
38F Dylan Fitzpatrick 36
17L Nick Lakes 34
44X Jason Schneiders 541
48 Bob Moore 541
25 Ricky Stephan 539
23 Jim Thies 537
88 Sean Barrigan 481
20 Chad TenNaple 388
02JR Chris Mills 363
56 Zach Van Voorst 346
M80 Jim Mathieson 283
86 Greg Johns 247
77 R J Merchant 205
17L Nick Lakes 200
1X Chris Abelson 77
13H Travis Hatcher 69
7N Jay Noteboom 65
27 Daniel Loggins 61
7S Bob Fleshman 55
Z62 Justin Zeitner 37
11X Tom Berry Jr. 36
41 Thor Anderson 35
15M Shane Demey 34
3D Harold Zich 31
S53X Scott Robinson 27

Five drivers were officially crowned IMCA track champions Sunday at Raceway Park. With championships in all divisions virtually wrapped up before the drivers checked in the back gate, it was all about taking home the championship night trophy. Champions in three of the divisions managed to do just that.

Ramsey Meyer took the lead on the second lap of the KISS 107 FM Sport Compact division and never looked back en route to another feature win. Chasing Ramsey to the checkered flag were Tom Meyer, Phillip McKee, and Jeremy Boulware.

Car Quest Hobby Stock champion Aaron Shearn took his second win in a row to wrap up his track championship in a feature that had seven cautions in the first three laps and three attempts at a green, white, checkered finish just past the scheduled halfway distance, Shearn held the only safe position being in front of the field. Ryan Leedom wrapped up a good season with a second place finish in front of Tony Fetterman and Dave Riley.

It was also two wins in a row to wrap up the season for the MOPAR Sport Mod champion Karl Brewer. Brewer snagged the lead from Justin Voeltz on a restart four laps into the feature and paced the field to the checkered flag. Rusty Montagne finished in the runner up spot followed by Kirk Beatty and Dave Kennedy.

The Casey’s General Stores Stock Car feature saw nearly every car in the division involved in accidents before the checkered flag. The action started at the drop of the green flag when pole sitter Glenn Jones spun in the first turn collecting three of the top six cars. The crash left Paul Wenzlaff in the lead before he was involved in a crash in turn two of the second lap that collected six more cars. After another multi-car incident on the fourth lap, Aaron Cain moved into the lead spot and held on all the way to the checkered flag for the win. Chasing Cain, but missing the complete right side body work of his car, was Jason Ward followed by Greg Taylor and division champion Chris Mills.

In comparison, the Total Motors Modified feature was a fairly calm affair with Jay Noteboom taking the lead from his front row position on the opening lap and holding a comfortable ten car length lead all the way to the checkered flag. Bob Moore chased Noteboom through much of the feature finishing second in front of Chris Abelson and Sean Barragan, while Ricky Stephan left with the season points championship.

Twelve young racers also hit the track in the Quick Pick Auto Parts Big Wheel Racing Series championships. After narrowing the field to six drivers, young Jasen Boulware roared to the feature win and took home the six foot tall championship trophy, nearly double his size.

Raceway Park’s season wraps up this Sunday with the Winnavegas Casino Resort South Dakota Fall Nationals, with extra money on the line in all five divisions. Grandstands open at 5:00 pm with the first green flag dropping at 6:30.

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Results 8/28/16

1 7N Jay Noteboom
2 48 Bob Moore
3 1X Chris Abelson
4 88 Sean Barragan
5 23 Jim Thies
6 55 Jim Cole
7 25 Ricky Stephans
8 27 Daniel Loggins
9 M80 Jim Mathieson
10 88S Daniel Woodle
11 44X Jason Schneiders

1 13K Karl Brewer
2 T1 Rusty Montagne
3 21B Kirk Beatty
4 OO Dave Kennedy
5 14V A.J. Boulware
6 12 Aaron Plum
7 25C Cody Thompson
8 22 Justin Voeltz
9 77G Mike Grass
10 72K Tyler Schmidt
11 11P Austin Price

1 43 Aaron Cain
2 41 Jason Ward
3 55JR Greg Taylor
4 O2JR Chris Mills
5 9 Les Lundquist
6 33G Dylan Fitzpatrick
7 73 Rich Pederson
8 10X Paul Wenzlaff
9 T69 Jeff Thomas
10 49 Ryan Harris
11 17L Nick Lakes
12 25S Brandon Schoen
13 13 Glenn Jones
14 84X Travis Barker
15 94 Todd Gereau

1 58 Aaron Shearn
2 21L Ryan Leedom
3 7 Tony Fetterman
4 56 Dave Riley
5 44 John Cain
6 2R Ryan Roschewski
7 83 Jon Androy
8 69U Matt Baker
9 9 Lenny Tucker
10 2T Todd Caster
11 7C Chris DeMara
12 14 Joe Smith
13 X83 Nic Cain
14 13 Stephanie Kiraly
15 27S Brody Spreng
16 16D Paul Menard
17 8 Travis Raml
18 62 Allen Hesse
19 34B Ben Schneiders
20 3P Steven Pierce

1 21R Ramsey Meyer
2 21T Tom Meyer
3 12M Phillip McKee
4 4P Jeremy Boulware
5 33 Tracy Raml
6 14 Max Bonine
7 13B David Bates
8 61 Seth Bodlak
9 1 Don Tank

Night of Champions this Sunday August 28th presented by Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest

Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest will present the IMCA Championship Night Sunday, August 28th. Who will be crowned the 2016 IMCA Track Champion?

All feature winners will be receiving a $50 gift card to Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest. Anyone making it to tech will also be receiving a special gift from Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest. They will be hosting a candy toss at intermission and make sure you arrive early as Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest will be handing out ball caps at the front gate. They will also have other giveaways.

We will be running all 5 IMCA divisions: Total Motors IMCA Modifieds, Casey’s General Stores IMCA Stockcars, MOPAR IMCA Sportmods, CARQUEST IMCA Hobbystocks and KISS 107.1 IMCA Sport Compacts.

This Sunday will also be the Quick Pick Big Wheel Racing Series Season Championship. Who will take home the 6 foot trophy? The contestants are: Hunter Rozenboom, Chase Hill, Cayden Barker, Emily Johns, Perry Birdsell, Phillip Monroe, Kowen Angerman, Jasen Boulware, Brayden Huffman, Mason Leedom, Hailey Woodle and Alexis Parrish.

Ditzy the Clown will be on hand doing all her fun and wacky activities for the kids.

Fun and affordable for the whole family; General Admission $10, Kids 10 and under free, seniors 70 and older free. Gates open 5pm with Racing at 6:30pm.

Tell your friends and neighbors, grab the kids and head on out to Raceway Park Sunday night. Raceway Park is located just 10 miles north of Sioux City, IA; I-29 to exit 4,then 0.2 mile east to SR 105 then 1.7 mile north (on the west side of SR 105).



quick pick

Quick Pick Big Wheel Champion Crowned Sunday August 28th

We will be running the Quick Pick Big Wheel Racing Series Season Championship this Sunday, August 28th.

The twelve qualifiers are:
Hunter Rozenboom
Chase Hill
Cayden Barker
Emily Johns
Perry Birdsell
Phillip Monroe
Kowen Angerman
Jasen Boulware
Brayden Huffman
Mason Leedom
Hailey Woodle
Alexis Parrish

They will battle it out to see who will be crowned the Quick Pick Big Wheel Series Season Champion and who will take home the 6 foot trophy!

Please pass along so all the contestants know it is their night to battle it out.

Good Luck to all contestants!

quick pick

Don’t miss Championship Night this Sunday, August 28th at Raceway Park presented by Advance Auto Parts/CARQUEST.

Who will be crowned the 2016 Track Champion?

Here are the current top 15 in points:
KISS 107 IMCA Sport Compacts
1 21R Ramsey Meyer 608
2 1 Don Tank 578
3 6 Luke Jackson 556
4 12M Phillip McKee 517
5 33 Tracy Raml 515
6 4P Jeremy Boulware 433
7 15 Tyler Thompson 399
8 22A Andrew Harris 377
9 21T Tom Meyer 318
10 423 Jake Newsom 285
11 21 Louis Maine 240
12 13B David Bates 198
13 29 Joe Blake 135
14 61 Seth Bodlak 127
15 25 Cody Thompson 107

1 58 Aaron Shearn 598
2 56 Dave Riley 569
3 7 Tony Fetterman 565
4 69U Matt Baker 544
5 83 Jon Androy 535
6 27S Brody Spreng 485
7 9 Lenny Tucker 475
8 77 Craig Clift 441
9 3P Steven Pierce 435
10 21L Ryan Leedom 410
11 34B Ben Schneiders 367
12 8 Travis Raml 364
13 90 Lucas Phillips 293
14 5B Matt Spanier 280
15 62 Allen Hesse 270

MOPAR IMCA Sportmods
1 13K Karl Brewer 601
2 T1 Rusty Montagne 589
3 21B Kirk Beatty 374
4 22 Justin Voeltz 369
5 14V A.J. Boulware 362
6 47 Darin Roepke 361
7 OK Kyle Welch 327
8 14 Todd Boulware 298
9 11P Austin Price 293
10 77G Mike Grass 282
11 21 Cameron Meyer 254
12 28X Jeff Girard 232
13 5X Kaleb Kennedy 226
14 16E Aaron Edwardson 169
15 28 Mike Jensen 167

Casey General Stores IMCA Stockcars
1 02JR Chris Mills 602
2 84X Travis Barker 574
3 55JR Greg Taylor 559
4 41 Jason Ward 545
5 94 Todd Gereau 498
6 68Z Zach Ankrum 475
7 43 Aaron Cain 451
8 25S Brandon Schoen 451
9 5E Mel Elsberry 349
10 17L Nick Lakes 305
11 9 Bo Lundquist 249
12 B82 Weylin Bruneau 223
13 013 Casey Jones 199
14 58 Shaun Johnson 186
15 T69 Jeff Thomas 183

Total Motors IMCA Modifieds
1 25 Ricky Stephans 592
2 55 Jim Cole 575
3 44X Jason Schneiders 571
4 48 Bob Moore 570
5 23 Jim Thies 570
6 88 Sean Barragan 550
7 27 Daniel Loggins 450
8 1X Chris Abelson 439
9 20 Chad TenNapel 306
10 7S Bob Fleschman 263
11 56X Terry Berg Jr 247
12 88S Daniel Woodle 154
13 Z62 Justin Zeitner 145
14 7N Jay Noteboom 133
15 30 Shawn Bearce 117


Drivers and fans enjoyed a great night of racing Sunday as Raceway Park hosted the Tom Baker Memorial Race. The highlighted division of the evening was the MOPAR IMCA Sport Modified division. Kyle Welch jumped out to the early lead only to be overtaken on the seventh lap by point leader Karl Brewer. The race’s first caution did not come out until the fourteenth of twenty laps were completed. On the restart, the cars of Kirk Beatty and Darin Roepke got together between the first and second turns leading to a second attempt to finish the race. Once the green flag flew, it was Brewer all the way to the checkered flag followed by Rusty Montange, Cameron Meyer, and Kyle Welch.

The Total Motors IMCA Modified division ran a fast, clean, green to checkers feature. Dan Loggins led the opening laps until being overtaken three laps in by Bob Moore. Moore then set sail with Jim Cole on his tail while Chris Abelson worked his way through the field to third at the halfway point. Through the final laps, Moore kept control over Cole to take the win, while Abelson held off point leader Ricky Stephan for third place at the checkers.

The Casey’s General Stores IMCA Stock Cars had a classic battle through most of the feature between Aaron Cain and Jason Ward, with the lead traded four times in an eight lap period. Ward finally took control of the top spot with four laps remaining to take the feature win while Todd Gereau got past Cain for the runner up spot. Behind the top trio, Nick Lakes rounded out the top four.

Point leader Aaron Shearn picked up his second win in a row in the Car Quest IMCA Hobby Stock division. Shearn slipped past race long leader Brody Spreng with two laps remaining and held off a hard charging Dave Riley at the checkers. Spreng finished in the third position followed by Andy Hoffman.

The KISS 107 FM IMCA Sport Compact feature saw another clean green to checkered feature. Jake Newsom took the lead on the opening lap and never looked back en route to the feature victory followed by Luke Jackson, point leader Ramsey Meyer and Tyler Thompson.

Also joining the program Sunday was the Mod-Lites Series, where David Rafferty took the win followed by Brian Zehm, Rich Enevoldson, and Doug Pollock.
Sunday also saw the final two entrants for the Quick Pick Auto Parts Big Wheel Shootout Championship decided when Hailey Woodle and Alexis Parrish took wins.

This upcoming Sunday, Raceway holds it’s season’s championship races with champions crowned in all five IMCA divisions and in the Big Wheel Shootout Series. Gates open at 5:00 with the first green flag dropping at 6:30.

For complete results and point standings click on the tabs at the top of the page.