Quick Pick Auto Parts presents the Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series at Raceway Park! Sunday May 28th Racing @ 6:30pm

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The Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series along with Casey’s General Stores IMCA Stock Cars, KCAU9 News IMCA Sport Mods & the IMCA Hobby Stocks take on the Highbanks at Raceway Park this Sunday.

The Stockcars & Sport Mods will be $400 to win this Sunday.

The Total Motors IMCA Modified’s & the Z98 Sport Compacts will have the night off this Sunday, May 28th.

The Jim Johnson Memorial race has been rescheduled to Sunday, May 28th at Raceway Park.

$1,000 To Win IMCA Hobbystocks, Sunday May 28th and could increase with the progressive jackpot.

This will be a draw/redraw with IMCA points (no entry fee) and there will be no number fee for this weekend.

Right now it’s $1,000 to win. What will it be by Sunday?

The payout for the IMCA Hobby Stocks for Sunday, May 28th.

If you would like to put up additional money let us know. Message us through Facebook or call the office (712) 560-7119 or Golden Auto Sales (712) 258-3590 and leave a message. You can also drop it off at Golden Auto Sales 1900 Floyd Blvd. Sioux City IA.

Don’t miss the racing action at Raceway Park.

Fun and affordable for the whole family; General Admission $15, Kids 10 and under free, seniors 70 and older $10. Gates open 5:00 pm with Racing at 6:30 pm.

Pits open at 4:30 pm with hot laps at 5:45 pm Pit passes $30

Tell your friends and neighbors, grab the kids and head on out to Raceway Park Sunday night. Raceway Park is located just 10 miles north of Sioux City, IA; I-29 to exit 4,then 0.2 mile east to SR 105 then 1.7 mile north (on the west side of SR 105)

Three and four wide action in many of the features led to an exciting night of racing Sunday night at Raceway Park

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The Z98 IMCA Sport Compacts kicked the evening off in style with fan favorite Don Tank jumping out to the lead in the opening laps. Tank held off repeated challenges for the top spot before losing the lead to Luke Jackson, and then dropping to third behind former champion Ramsey Meyer. Over the final laps, Meyer kept the pressure on Jackson, with Jackson coming out on top at the checkered flag over Meyer, Tank, and David Bates. Jackson also assumed the division point lead with the win.

The Golden Auto Sales IMCA Hobby Stocks ran three and four wide throughout the field with clean action through the entire feature. With five laps remaining, one of the few cautions slowed the field, and under that yellow flag, leader Aaron Shearn had to pit with a flat left rear tire. Shearn quickly rejoined the field dead last for the restart. David Miller assumed the lead on the restart, and held off repeated challenges from last weeks winner Tony Fetterman for the next two laps. Meanwhile, Shearn was charging through the pack and caught the leaders with two laps remaining, getting by Fetterman for second, but not able to catch Miller, who picked up his second win of the season, and the point lead. Behind Miller, Shearn, and Fetterman, Kyle Davis rounded out the top four.

The KCAU9 IMCA Sport Modified feature saw one third of the field drop out of the race before the finish with mechanical or tire troubles. Coming out on top for the night was Todd Boulware who beat Arie Schouten, Karl Brewer, and Kyle Welch to the checkered flag. The win moved Boulware atop a four way battle for the point lead.

Once again, the best race of the night came in the IMCA Stock Car division where four different drivers held the lead at one point or another, and three wide racing dominated the entire race. Coming out on top of the battle was Travis Barker who took control of the inside line over the final laps to top Mel Elsberry, Jason Ward, and Bo Lundquist. Ward’s third place finish gave him the points lead by one over Lundquist heading into next week.

The most dominating win of the night came in the Total Motors IMCA Modified feature where Jason Schneiders jumped out front from his front row starting spot and was never challenged all the way to the checkers. Behind Schneiders, Chad TenNapel won the battle as the best of the rest over Bob Moore and Jim Thies. Moore’s third place finish puts him solidly atop the points.

Action continues this Sunday with the Jim Johnson Memorial Race. Gates open at 5:00 with race action at 6:30.

IMCA Sport Compacts

1.    Luke Jackson
2.    Ramsey Meyer
3.    Don Tank
4.    David Bates
5.    Tyler Thompson
6.    Jake Newsome
7.    Corey Frye
8.    Brody Spreng
9.    Connor Brown
10.  Phillip McKee

IMCA Hobby Stocks

1.    David Miller
2.    Aaron Shearn
3.    Tony Fetterman
4.    Kyle Davis
5.    Lenny Tucker
6.    Derek Husted
7.    Allan Hesse
8.    Travis Raml
9.    Steven Pierce
10.  Jake McClure

IMCA Sport Modifieds

1.    Todd Boulware
2.    Arie Schouten
3.    Karl Brewer
4.    Kyle Welch
5.    Dave Kennedy
6.    Mike Grass
7.    Rusty Montange
8.    Cody Thompson
9.    Dave Riley
10.  Jeff Girard

IMCA Stock Cars

1.    Travis Barker
2.    Mel Elsberry
3.    Jason Ward
4.    Bo Lundquist
5.    Glenn Jones
6.    Aaron Cain
7.    Jeff Atkins
8.    Greg Taylor
9.    Brandon Shoen
10.  Brenton Palmer

IMCA Modifieds

1.    Jason Schneiders
2.    Chad TenNapel
3.    Bob Moore
4.    Jim Thies
5.    Sean Barragan
6.    Zach VanVoorst
7.    Ricky Stephan
8.    Jim Mathieson
9.    Hans Schtupp
10.  Storm Raines

Points as of May 14, 2017

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IMCA Sport Compacts

6 Luke Jackson         117

15 Tyler Thompson   113

423 Jake Newsome    112

1 Don Tank              110

13B David Bates        109

27S Brody Spreng     99

12M Phillip McKee   96

35JR Conner Brown   94

21R Ramsey Meyer   79

14 Max Bonine         67

61A Seth Bodlak       61

44 Mark Dorcey        30

29 Michael Birsell     30              

13M James McCabe   29

33 Tracy Raml          28


IMCA Hobby Stocks

29M David Miller      119

7 Tony Fetterman      116

58 Aaron Shearn        115

33 Kyle Davis           107

01 Derek Husted        106

3P Steven Pierce       105

5 Lenny Tucker         100

62 Allen Hesse          93

8 Travis Raml           92

8X Andy Hoffman     71

5B Matt Spanier        63

11M Jake McClure    63

13M James McCabe   57

112 Mitch Schultze    32

77 Craig Clift           29

14 Todd Boulware      115


IMCA Sport Mods

99RE Arie Schouten  140

13K Karl Brewer        113

T1 Rusty Montagne   109

00 Dave Kennedy       103

OK Kyle Welch         102

77 Mike Grass          99

21B Kirk Beatty        69

25 Cody Thompson   68

56 Dave Riley           32

47 Darin Roepke       31

28 Jeff Girard            31


IMCA Stock Cars

41 Jason Ward           112

2B Bo Lundquist        111

55JR Greg Taylor      107

49 Ryan Harris          106

25S Brandon Schoen  96

013 Casey Jones        74

13 Glen Jones           68

49X Jeff Atkins         67

T17 Brenton Palmer   63

30 Travis Barker        40

5E Mel Elsberry        39

95 Tom McKenzie     37

43 Aaron Cain          35

68Z Zach Ankrum     34

17L Nick Lakes         34

94 Todd Gereau         30


IMCA Modifieds

48 Bob Moore           112

25 Ricky Stephan      107

23 Jim Thies            105

88 Sean Barrigan       103

44X Jason Schneiders 101

M80 Jim Mathieson   94

1X Chris Abelson      77

20 Chad TenNaple     71

56 Zach VanVoorst    66

11X Tom Berry Jr.     36

41 Thor Anderson      35




Results for May 14th, 2017

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Sport Compacts

No.       Driver                      Pts

1st         6 Luke Jackson              40

2nd       21R Ramsey Meyer      39

3rd        1 Don Tank                     38

4th        13B David Bates             37

5th        15 Tyler Thompson        36

6th        423 Jake Newsome        35

7th        2F Corey Frye                 34

8th        27S Brody Spreng          33

9th        35JR Conner Brown      32

10th      12M Phillips McKee       31

11th      29 Micahel Birdsell        30

Hobby Stocks

No.       Driver                          Pts

1st         29M David Miller           40

2nd       58 Aaron Shearn            39

3rd        7 Tondy Fetterman        38

4th        01 Derek Husted            37

5th        33 Kyle Davis                  36

6th        5 Lenny Tucker               35

7th        62 Allen Hesse                34

8th        8 Travis Raml                 33

9th        3P Steven Pierce            32

10th      11M Jake McClure         31

11th      13M James McCabe       30

Sport Mods

No.       Driver                          Pts

1st         14 Todd Boulware         40

2nd       99RE Arie Schouten     39

3rd        13K Karl Brewer            38

4th        OK Kyle Welch               37

5th        00 Dave Kennedy          36

6th        77 Mike Grass                 35

7th        T1 Rusty Montagne       34

8th        25 Cody Thompson       33

9th        56 Dave Riley                 32

10th        28 Jeff Girard               31

Stock Cars

No.       Driver                          Pts

1st         30 Travis Barker           40

2nd       5E Mel Elsberry            39

3rd        41 Jason Ward              38

4th        2B Bo Lundquist           37

5th        013 Glen Jones              36

6th        43 Aaron Cain                35

7th        49X Jeff Atkins               34

8th        55JR Greg Taylor           33

9th       25S Brandon Schoen       32

10th      T17 Brenton Palmer       31

11th       94 Todd Gereau              30

12th       49 Ryan Harris              30


No.       Driver                          Pts

1st         44X Jason Schneiders   38

2nd       20 Chad TenNaple          37

3rd        48 Bob Moore                  36

4th        23 Jim Thies                     35

5th        88 Sean Barrigan             34

6th        56 Zack Van Voorst         33

7th       25 Ricky Stephan              32

8th        M80 Jim Mathieson        31


Results for April 23, 2017

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Raceway Park Sunday April 23rd
A Feature Finishes

Sport Compacts
1st        21R                       Ramsey Meyer        40

2nd      423                        Jake Newsome         39

3rd       6                            Luke Jackson           38

4th       15                          Tyler Thompson     37

5th       1                            Don Tank                 36

6th       13B                       David Bates             35

7th       12M                      Phillip McKee         34

8th       14                          Max Bonine             33

9th       61A                       Seth Bodlak              32

10th     27S                        Brody Spreng           31

11th     35JR                      Conner Brown         30

12th     13M                      James McCabe         29

13th     33                          Tracy Raml              28


Hobby Stocks
1st        29M                      David Miller            40

2nd      58                          Aaron Shearn           39

3rd       7                            Tony Fetterman       38

4th       3P                          Steven Pierce            37

5th       8X                         Andy Hoffman        36

6th       01                          Derek Husted           35

7th       5                            Lenny Tucker          34

8th       33                          Kyle Davis               33

9th       112                        Mitch Schultze        32

10th     8                            Travis Raml             31

11th     5B                         Matt Spanier            30

12th     62                          Allen Hesse              29


Sport Mods
1st        99RE                     Arie Schouten          40

2nd      13K                       Karl Brewer             39

3rd       14                          Todd Boulware        38

4th       T1                         Rusty Montagne      37

5th       21B                       Kirk Beatty              36

6th       25                          Cody Thompson     35

7th       OK                        Kyle Welch              34

8th       00                          Dave Kennedy         33

9th       77                          Mike Grass              32

10th     47                          Darin Roepke           31


Stock Cars
1st        2B                         Bo Lundquist           39

2nd      013                        Casey Jones             38

3rd       49                          Ryan Harris             37

4th       55JR                      Greg Taylor             36

5th       41                          Jason Ward              35

6th       68Z                       Zach Ankrum           34

7th       49X                       Jeff Atkins               33

8th       13                          Glen Jones               32

9th       25S                        Brandon Schoen       31


1st        1X                         Chris Abelson          40

2nd      25                          Ricky Stephan         39

3rd       48                          Bob Moore              38

4th       23                          Jim Thies                 37

5th       11X                       Tom Berry Jr.          36

6th       41                          Thor Anderson        35

7th       88                          Sean Barrigan           34

8th       56                          Zach Van Voorst      33

9th       44X                       Jason Schneiders      32

10th     M80                      Jim Mathieson         31














Rescheduled to Friday, September 30th the WinnaVegas Casino Resort South Dakota Fall Nationals featuring the 360 Wingless Sprint Cars

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The WinnaVegas Casino Resort South Dakota Fall Nationals will be rescheduled to Friday, September 30h featuring the 360 Wingless Sprint Cars.

We will be running all 5 divisions: Modified, Stockcar, Sportmod, Hobbystock and Sport Compact along with the 360 wingless Sprint cars. There is added purse money for all 5 divisions, with the Modified winner taking home $1000 and the Stockcars, Sportmods and Hobbystocks racing for a $500 winner’s check, Sport Compacts feature will pay $400 to win.

Pit Pass: $30
General Grandstand: $15
Kids 10 and under Free
Seniors 70 and older $5

Registration Fees:
Modifieds: $75
Stockcars: $65
Sportmods: $65
Hobbystocks: $65
Sport Compacts: $55
Includes registration and pit pass

Schedule of Events:
Pit Gate opens 5:00 pm
Grandstands 5:00 pm
Hot Laps at 6:30 pm
Pit meeting will be after Hot Laps
Racing at 7:00 pm

Fun and affordable for the whole family; General Admission $15, Kids 10 and under free, seniors 70 and older $5. Gates open 5pm with Racing at 6:30pm.

Tell your friends and neighbors, grab the kids and head on out to Raceway Park Sunday night. Raceway Park is located just 10 miles north of Sioux City, IA; I-29 to exit 4,then 0.2 mile east to SR 105 then 1.7 mile north (on the west side of SR 105).

General Information:
Ultra-Lite Performance will have parts, tires and fuel available.
No checks will be accepted at the race track unless prior approval granted.
Raceivers will be required.
Camping at the track permitted-no hook-ups.

Don’t miss the last race of the 2016 season @ Raceway Park.


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Five drivers were officially crowned IMCA track champions Sunday at Raceway Park. With championships in all divisions virtually wrapped up before the drivers checked in the back gate, it was all about taking home the championship night trophy. Champions in three of the divisions managed to do just that.

Ramsey Meyer took the lead on the second lap of the KISS 107 FM Sport Compact division and never looked back en route to another feature win. Chasing Ramsey to the checkered flag were Tom Meyer, Phillip McKee, and Jeremy Boulware.

Car Quest Hobby Stock champion Aaron Shearn took his second win in a row to wrap up his track championship in a feature that had seven cautions in the first three laps and three attempts at a green, white, checkered finish just past the scheduled halfway distance, Shearn held the only safe position being in front of the field. Ryan Leedom wrapped up a good season with a second place finish in front of Tony Fetterman and Dave Riley.

It was also two wins in a row to wrap up the season for the MOPAR Sport Mod champion Karl Brewer. Brewer snagged the lead from Justin Voeltz on a restart four laps into the feature and paced the field to the checkered flag. Rusty Montagne finished in the runner up spot followed by Kirk Beatty and Dave Kennedy.

The Casey’s General Stores Stock Car feature saw nearly every car in the division involved in accidents before the checkered flag. The action started at the drop of the green flag when pole sitter Glenn Jones spun in the first turn collecting three of the top six cars. The crash left Paul Wenzlaff in the lead before he was involved in a crash in turn two of the second lap that collected six more cars. After another multi-car incident on the fourth lap, Aaron Cain moved into the lead spot and held on all the way to the checkered flag for the win. Chasing Cain, but missing the complete right side body work of his car, was Jason Ward followed by Greg Taylor and division champion Chris Mills.

In comparison, the Total Motors Modified feature was a fairly calm affair with Jay Noteboom taking the lead from his front row position on the opening lap and holding a comfortable ten car length lead all the way to the checkered flag. Bob Moore chased Noteboom through much of the feature finishing second in front of Chris Abelson and Sean Barragan, while Ricky Stephan left with the season points championship.

Twelve young racers also hit the track in the Quick Pick Auto Parts Big Wheel Racing Series championships. After narrowing the field to six drivers, young Jasen Boulware roared to the feature win and took home the six foot tall championship trophy, nearly double his size.

Raceway Park’s season wraps up this Sunday with the Winnavegas Casino Resort South Dakota Fall Nationals, with extra money on the line in all five divisions. Grandstands open at 5:00 pm with the first green flag dropping at 6:30.

For complete results click on the Results tab at the top of the page.

Results 8/28/16

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1 7N Jay Noteboom
2 48 Bob Moore
3 1X Chris Abelson
4 88 Sean Barragan
5 23 Jim Thies
6 55 Jim Cole
7 25 Ricky Stephans
8 27 Daniel Loggins
9 M80 Jim Mathieson
10 88S Daniel Woodle
11 44X Jason Schneiders

1 13K Karl Brewer
2 T1 Rusty Montagne
3 21B Kirk Beatty
4 OO Dave Kennedy
5 14V A.J. Boulware
6 12 Aaron Plum
7 25C Cody Thompson
8 22 Justin Voeltz
9 77G Mike Grass
10 72K Tyler Schmidt
11 11P Austin Price

1 43 Aaron Cain
2 41 Jason Ward
3 55JR Greg Taylor
4 O2JR Chris Mills
5 9 Les Lundquist
6 33G Dylan Fitzpatrick
7 73 Rich Pederson
8 10X Paul Wenzlaff
9 T69 Jeff Thomas
10 49 Ryan Harris
11 17L Nick Lakes
12 25S Brandon Schoen
13 13 Glenn Jones
14 84X Travis Barker
15 94 Todd Gereau

1 58 Aaron Shearn
2 21L Ryan Leedom
3 7 Tony Fetterman
4 56 Dave Riley
5 44 John Cain
6 2R Ryan Roschewski
7 83 Jon Androy
8 69U Matt Baker
9 9 Lenny Tucker
10 2T Todd Caster
11 7C Chris DeMara
12 14 Joe Smith
13 X83 Nic Cain
14 13 Stephanie Kiraly
15 27S Brody Spreng
16 16D Paul Menard
17 8 Travis Raml
18 62 Allen Hesse
19 34B Ben Schneiders
20 3P Steven Pierce

1 21R Ramsey Meyer
2 21T Tom Meyer
3 12M Phillip McKee
4 4P Jeremy Boulware
5 33 Tracy Raml
6 14 Max Bonine
7 13B David Bates
8 61 Seth Bodlak
9 1 Don Tank

Night of Champions this Sunday August 28th presented by Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest

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Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest will present the IMCA Championship Night Sunday, August 28th. Who will be crowned the 2016 IMCA Track Champion?

All feature winners will be receiving a $50 gift card to Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest. Anyone making it to tech will also be receiving a special gift from Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest. They will be hosting a candy toss at intermission and make sure you arrive early as Advance Auto Parts driven by CarQuest will be handing out ball caps at the front gate. They will also have other giveaways.

We will be running all 5 IMCA divisions: Total Motors IMCA Modifieds, Casey’s General Stores IMCA Stockcars, MOPAR IMCA Sportmods, CARQUEST IMCA Hobbystocks and KISS 107.1 IMCA Sport Compacts.

This Sunday will also be the Quick Pick Big Wheel Racing Series Season Championship. Who will take home the 6 foot trophy? The contestants are: Hunter Rozenboom, Chase Hill, Cayden Barker, Emily Johns, Perry Birdsell, Phillip Monroe, Kowen Angerman, Jasen Boulware, Brayden Huffman, Mason Leedom, Hailey Woodle and Alexis Parrish.

Ditzy the Clown will be on hand doing all her fun and wacky activities for the kids.

Fun and affordable for the whole family; General Admission $10, Kids 10 and under free, seniors 70 and older free. Gates open 5pm with Racing at 6:30pm.

Tell your friends and neighbors, grab the kids and head on out to Raceway Park Sunday night. Raceway Park is located just 10 miles north of Sioux City, IA; I-29 to exit 4,then 0.2 mile east to SR 105 then 1.7 mile north (on the west side of SR 105).



quick pick

Quick Pick Big Wheel Champion Crowned Sunday August 28th

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We will be running the Quick Pick Big Wheel Racing Series Season Championship this Sunday, August 28th.

The twelve qualifiers are:
Hunter Rozenboom
Chase Hill
Cayden Barker
Emily Johns
Perry Birdsell
Phillip Monroe
Kowen Angerman
Jasen Boulware
Brayden Huffman
Mason Leedom
Hailey Woodle
Alexis Parrish

They will battle it out to see who will be crowned the Quick Pick Big Wheel Series Season Champion and who will take home the 6 foot trophy!

Please pass along so all the contestants know it is their night to battle it out.

Good Luck to all contestants!

quick pick