Gearing Up For The 2016 Race Season

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We held our 2015 Awards Banquet last Friday. We would like to thank everyone who attended. The food was great and the band was a good time!

The top 10 in each division were awarded along with 13 Special Awards.

Following are the Special Awards:
MODIFIED: Dan Loggins
STOCKCAR: Casey Jones
SPORTMOD: A.J. Boulware
HOBBYSTOCK: Steven Pierce
SPORT COMPACT: Cody Boulware

MODIFIED: Chris Abelson
STOCKCAR: Chris Mills
SPORTMOD: Rusty Montagne
HOBBYSTOCK: Aaron Shearn

OVERALL HARDLUCK: Gavin Gilbertson

We also honored 4 of our drivers in the Modified Bragging Rights Championship.
1.Chris Abelson
6.Ricky Stephan
7.Jim Theis
10.Bob Moore

Here is your top 10.
KISS 107 IMCA Sport Compacts
No. Driver Pnts
1 25 Cody Thompson 481
2 317 Drew Johnson 444
3 16E Aaron Edwardson 433
4 1 Don Tank 431
5 02C Cody Boulware 415
6 4P Jeremy Boulware 412
7 15 Tyler Thompson 406
8 40 Andrew Vogt 394
9 6 Luke Jackson 371
10 44 Mark Dorcey 312

MOPAR IMCA Hobbystocks
No. Driver Pnts
1 44 John Cain 456
2 7 Tony Fetterman 446
3 58 Aaron Shearn 440
4 29M David Miller 404
5 83 Jon Androy 402
6 2B Dave Riley 390
7 3P Steven Pierce 367
8 68Z Zach Ankrum 357
9 14Z Zach Bales 355
10 88G Gavin Gilbertson 352

Skyline Bar & Casino IMCA Sportmods
No. Driver Pnts
1 T1 Rusty Montagne 486
2 14 Todd Boulware 482
3 13K Karl Brewer 477
4 5X Kaleb Kennedy 460
5 14V A J Boulware 436
6 47 Darin Roepke 435
7 21B Kirk Beatty 368
8 2 Keith Sanders 201
9 11 Austin Price 189
10 16W Daniel Woodle 182

Casey General Stores IMCA Stockcars
No. Driver Pnts
1 2B Bo Lundquist 461
2 41 Jason Ward 458
3 9A Chad Allen 406
4 10X Paul Wenzlaff 406
5 013 Casey Jones 405
6 49 Ryan Harris 398
7 94 Todd Gereau 383
8 02 Tony Ritterbush 382
9 18C Chris Mills 360
10 25S Brandon Schoen 351

Total Motors IMCA Modifieds
No. Driver Pnts
1 1X Chris Abelson 470
2 25 Ricky Stephan 469
3 48 Bob Moore 451
4 44X Jason Schneiders 439
5 55 Jim Cole 436
6 23 Jim Thies 429
7 88 Sean Barragan 420
8 27 Daniel Loggins 404
9 20 Chad Ten Napel 362
10 30 Shawn Bearce 276

The 2016 Race Season will be here before we know it. For schedule click on the Schedule tab at the top of the page.

2015 Awards Banquet Friday, January 29th WinnaVegas Casino Resort

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The 2015 Raceway Park Awards Banquet will be Friday, January 29, 2016 at the WinnaVegas Casino Resort, 1500 330th Street Sloan, Iowa 51055.

Happy hour is 6:30 pm; there will be a cash bar. Dinner will be at 7:30pm, with Awards Ceremony following dinner. The Rock & Roll Band Headwind will play from 10pm-1am.

Dinner will consist of: Carved Roast Beef, Broasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, California Blend Veggies, Dinner Roll, Mixed greens salad with dressings and Assorted cheesecakes, includes Coffee, Water, or Iced Tea.

IMCA Modified Champion Chris Abelson
chris abelson

IMCA Stockcar Champion Les Lundquist

IMCA Sportmod Champion Rusty Montagne
rusty montagne

IMCA Hobbystock Champion John Cain

IMCA Sport Compact Champion Cody Thompson
cody thompson

The top 10 in each division will be honored along with 13 Special Awards. Don’t forget we will have door prizes too.
Special Awards Consist of:
Most improved all 5 divisions.
Hard charger all 5 divisions.
Overall hardluck.
Overall sportsmanship.
Overall best appearing car.

We will also be honoring 4 of our drivers in the Modified Bragging Rights Championship. Bragging Rights Championship presented by Kosiski Auto Parts, Malvern Bank, Hoosier Tire Great Plains, and Friesen Chevrolet.

1.Chris Abelson
6.Ricky Stephan
7.Jim Theis
10.Bob Moore

Raceway Park had an outstanding season with over 150 racers taking the green flag this past season. This is a way to honor the top drivers in each division. It is also a way to say thank you to all the drivers, crew, fans, family and friends. We will look back on the 2015 season and gear up for the 2016 season.

Tickets will be available at the door for $30.00. Golden Racing would like to let everyone know that this event is open to the public. If you are a fan or a driver that would like to bring your sponsors, you are more than welcome. So come out and have some fun and we will let everyone know the latest news and our plans for 2016. Please tell your friends.

Thank you for supporting Raceway Park “The Action Track”!

If you have any questions or would like to contact us do so at or (712) 560-7245.